• Sidney, The Shortest Distance to Far Away

    • Sidney offers the perfect get-away, for a day, a week or longer. Come enjoy wonderful local food, great accommodation and family-friendly recreation. Sidney enjoys a thriving arts and culture community that celebrates local artists and local crafts. From the seaside sculpture walk, to the beautiful totems that welcome visitors at the Mary Winspear Centre, to […]

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  • What’s On In Sidney for Kids? Plenty!

    • Ok, you’ve made it this far. Only a few more weeks before kids go back to school, bedtimes return to normal, and parents and sometimes grandparents sigh with relief and maybe a tinge of sadness that that the summer holidays are almost over. For their part though, kids still have high hopes of cramming in […]

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  • The Ultimate Girls’ Getaway in Sidney

    • Whether you are looking for a mother-daughter getaway or want to reminiscence and catch up with some old friends, Sidney is the perfect destination for the ultimate girls’ trip. To inspire you to start planning your getaway, we have compiled the perfect guide for your summer escape in beautiful Sidney by the Sea. But First, […]

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